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CarrierComm Participates in CommunicAsia 2004

Premiers Software Defined Indoor Unit™


SINGAPORE – June 15, 2004 – CarrierComm, a leading provider of point-to-point voice and data transmission technology, is premiering its innovative Software Defined IDU TM (Indoor Unit) at CommunicAsia 2004. Offering OEMs and network integrators a flexible platform for implementing their Plesiochronous Digital Hierarchy (PDH) and Synchronous Digital Hierarchy (SDH) applications, the Software Defined IDU TM reduces development and inventory costs, and enables quick time to market.

“Next-generation wireless telecommunications systems must deliver advanced technology and also must reduce carrier’s capital and operating expenditures”, said Jamal Hamdani, CEO of CarrierComm. “The Software Defined IDU addresses the needs of the carriers for low cost PDH solutions and provides a way to provide future SDH IP capability through software upgrade while preserving original capital investments and minimizing inventory and spacing requirements.”

The Software Defined IDU is a flexible, low-cost, feature-rich IDU solution. It incorporates a unique, single-chip ASIC modem featuring integrated FEC with selectable coding rates. Modulation and data throughput rates are BPSK – 256 QAM and DC-311 Mbps respectively, (BPSK-256 QAM and DC-622 Mbps with the SDH option). Standard interfaces include 16 x T1/E1 and 100 BaseTX Ethernet. Plug-in options allow for DS3/E3/STS1, STM1, or 2xSTM1. The IDU also incorporates digital filtering for the various data bandwidths. The IDU is designed to support drop and insert or protected configuration in the same chassis.

About CarrierComm

CarrierComm is a leading provider of point-to-point voice and data transmission technology that enables products with speeds from 16 Mbps to 622 Mbps and covering the 3.5 - 38 GHz frequency bands. The company's in-house ASIC expertise sets it apart from all other competitors and allows CarrierComm to offer spectrum-scalable, rapidly deployable and transparently connected wireless and fiber optic solutions. Headquartered in Santa Barbara, Calif., CarrierComm is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Moseley Wireless Solutions Group Company. The Moseley group, which includes Microwave Data Systems, Moseley Broadcast, and Axxcelera Broadband Wireless, offers wireless solutions from 9.6 kbps to 311 Mbps covering the 250 MHz to 38 GHz spectrum for both point-to-point and point-to-multipoint applications for the broadcast, industrial, broadband, and carrier marketplaces. There are more than 500,000 Moseley-supplied radio links in operation in over 120 countries. For more information on CarrierComm, please visit

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